JOB TITLE: Safety and Security ManageR

(les candidatures Féminines sont fortement encouragées)

 TEAM/PROGRAM: Country Programs, Mali LIEU: Bamako  
Protection de l’enfant:

Niveau 3- les responsabilités du poste peuvent emmener le titulaire du poste à avoir des contacts ou un accès réguliers aux enfants et jeunes


The overall objective of this position is to mitigate the risks posed to Save the Children Mali and Guinea programs, staff and assets through the provision of specialized, coordinated and focused security management support.

The Safety and Security Manager will be responsible for advising senior management on the risks associated with around 300 staff members working in a complex and dynamic security environment across different program sites in both countries.


Reports to:  Director of Programme Operations, Mali & Guinea

Staff directly reporting to this post: Radio Operator and Assistant Security Officer



Based in Bamako, under the supervision of the Director of Operations and under the responsibility of the Country Director, and in close collaboration with the Logistics and Security Focal Points, the Safety and Security Manager will be responsible for:


·         Ensure that all Save the Children (Programs, Logistics, Administrative, HR and Finance) general safety policies and procedures and work processes are understood and respected at all times.


The Safety and Security Manager:

·         Provides feedback and advices on security risks and threats, as well as resources, security documents, strategies and good practice for safety and security management of Save the Children activities;

·         Reviews and/or develops Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs);

·         Reviews security plans currently in place and/or develop additional plans as required and according to the specific context of intervention areas;

·         Ensure that contingency plans for Evacuation, Relocation, Hibernation, and Medical Evacuation are in place and updated;

·         Provide technical advice to country offices regarding staff safety and security;

·         Travels to Save the Children areas of operations to identity the gaps, train staff, conduct safety and security assessments and propose improvements.


3-) Premises and equipment Security

  • Conduct appropriate security assessments of Save the Children warehouses, offices and accommodation buildings including equipment and advise on gaps in security preparedness with recommended improvements and solutions.;
  • Ensure that Save the Children vehicles, premises and equipment are compliant with recognized safety and security standards;
  • Establish and implement access control system (visitor and vehicle screening) as necessary for offices;
  • Participate in the selection of guard services and ensure that adequate training is provided to all guards.
  • Ensure that guard services are adequately provided for the security of Save the Children residences, offices and warehouses.

4-) Security Assessments

  • Conduct field visits on request to assess security environments and propose necessary improvements;
  • Determine and assess the specific risks and threats to Save the Children staff, premises and programs;
  • Conduct prior security assessments in new operational areas, in collaboration with the line manager;
  • Identify and make recommendations for systems, procedures and resources to mitigate risk;
  • Assist and provide expertise to field offices in security risk assessment and analysis for future projects;


·         Prepare security reports for the Regional Office and Headquarters as requested by them;

·         Provide regular reporting of your activities to the Line Manager and Country Director ;

·         Produce situation and mission reports ;

·         Report security developments to the country senior management and other relevant staff members within the area of operations;

·         Produce a handover note before the end of your mission to facilitate the job of your successor;

·         Conduct a debriefing at the end of the mission.



·         Develop and implement a training plan for the country office;

·         Build capacity of Safety and Security Focal Points (SSFPs)to conduct risk and threat assessment and manage security in their areas of operations;

·         Ensure that all staff are briefed and trained regularly on personal safety issues;

·         Conduct security awareness training in accordance with Save the Children policies and procedures and in cooperation with the Regional Security Director and Global Safety and Security Learning and Development Manager;

7-) Safety and security briefing and orientation

·         Develop , review and update security briefing materials in accordance with the context of each operational area;

·         Provide a detailed safety and security briefing and orientation to all visitors and new staff upon arrival in the country;

·         Provide a briefing and orientation to new staff on Save the Children standard operating procedures.

😎 Incident Management

·         Assist the Country Office to prepare for critical incidents;

·         Inform the Senior Management Team (SMT) of possible actions or options in a time of crisis or emergency;

·         Coordinate information through the relevant reporting lines during serious security incidents;

·         Inform the Director of Operations and Country Director and when necessary, the Regional Security Director of any events affecting or which may potentially affect staff safety or security or cause damage to Save the Children assets;

·         Investigate and follow up security incidents in which Save the Children and other NGOs staff are involved;

·         Coordinate post-incident follow up actions, make analyses and recommendations;


9-) Communications


·         Ensure that effective communications are in place and that all staff members are properly trained to use any equipment (such as radios, satellite phones, etc) included in the Country Office security requirements;

·         Ensure that staff members are capable to follow international communication protocols;

·         Ensure that communications systems are working;

·         Develop, maintain and update communications trees to facilitate contact between staff members in case of emergency.


10-) Coordination and REPRESENTATION

·         Coordinate with UN, NGOs and other relevant agencies on all safety issues;

·         Support coordination with relevant actors in each program site or operational area on all safety issues;

·         Participate in inter-agency security coordination efforts and represent Save the Children at security meetings.


11-) situation Monitoring

·         Remain continuously informed of the security situation both in Mali and Guinea;

·         In consultation with the Line Manager, Field Office Managers, Program Managers and Security Focal Points continuously monitor the safety and security environment for all Save the Children program areas in Mali and Guinea and make recommendations to the Director of Operations, who will   consult the Country Director to adjust security policies and procedures as needed.


i2-) information gathering and Networking


·         Gather and analyze security-related information from media, government, UN and other NGOs in order to produce a security update;

·         Develop a network of relationships with Embassies, humanitarian community ( UN, NGOs, and other agencies) and actively seek opportunities for cooperation;

·         Proactively share information with the Director of Operations and Country Director and Field Office Managers to increase situation awareness, and contribute to close situation monitoring and effective communications on security issues.


13-) other duties linked to this position

The Safety and Security Manager may be required to :

·         Advise and assist in logistics matters, because Logistics and Security are closely related in this operating environment;

Perform other duties from time to time in order to ensure the smooth running of activities.

COMPETENCES ET COMPORTEMENT (Nos valeurs en pratique)


·         Est responsable de la prise de décisions, de la gestion efficace des ressources, respecte et fait respecter les valeurs de Save the Children

·         Responsabilise l’équipe et les partenaires – leur laissant la liberté d’atteindre les résultats de la meilleure façon, fournit le développement nécessaire à l’amélioration des performances et applique les conséquences appropriées lorsque les résultats ne sont pas atteints.


·         Fixe des objectifs ambitieux et stimulants pour lui-même, prend la responsabilité de son propre développement et encourage les autres à en faire de même.

·          Partage largement sa vision personnelle de Save the Children, engage et motive les autres

·         Orienté vers le futur, pense stratégiquement


·         Construit et maintien des relations efficaces avec son superviseur, ses collègues, les Membres, les partenaires extérieurs et les sympathisants

·          Valorise la diversité, la considère comme une source de compétitivité

·          Abordable, à l’écoute


·         Développe et encourage les solutions innovantes

·         Disposé à prendre des risques calculés


·         Honnête, encourage l’honnêteté et la transparence



·         Completed formal safety and security management training;

·         Acting Security Manager for more than a year;

·         Has international experience;

·         Work experience in insecure and challenging environments;

·         Fluent in English and French;

Has Security Manager’s capacity.


Défense de l’enfant:

Nous  devons assurer la sécurité des enfants à travers nos processus de sélection, lesquelles reflètent notre engagement à la protection des enfants et incluent des enquêtes de références rigoureuses.


Santé et sécurité

Le titulaire du rôle est tenu de remplir ses responsabilités conformément aux politiques et procédures de SCI en matière de santé et de sécurité.




DOSSIERS A FOURNIR : les dossiers de candidatures doivent comporter :


  • Un CV détaillé mis à jour ;
  • Une lettre de motivation mentionnant le titre du poste ;
  • Les copies certifiées des diplômes et attestations de travail ;
  • Un casier judiciaire en cours de validité (n’est obligatoire qu’une fois retenu au poste) ;
  • Les références d’au moins deux précédents employeurs, de préférence des superviseurs directs.


Les dossiers de candidature doivent être envoyés au plus tard le 01/06/2018 à 17H00 précises uniquement via l’adresse électronique suivante :


NB : Seuls les candidat(e)s présélectionné(e)s seront convoqué(e)s pour les interviews. Les dossiers de candidature ne seront pas retournés.


FR: IL est porté à la connaissance des candidats que Save the Children International ne demande aucun paiement, ni frais durant tout le processus de recrutement. Toute demande allant dans ce sens doit être immédiatement signalée car contraire aux valeurs et pratiques de notre organisation.


EN: Applicants are advised that Save the Children International does not require any payment or expense during the entire recruitment process. Any request in this direction should be immediately reported.